Grown & Sexy!

26 Jul

Never ever did this little New Yorker/Shanghai-er think that she’d be getting a driver’s license, never mind my very own car. Being license-less has been a badge of honor and difference here in Middle America.  It says, “I never have to think about making payments, insurance, gas prices, or getting too wasted to drive home.”  It also says, “Can I get a ride? Why do the buses never run on schedule? I’m chained to the Short North.”  But as I’m learning, we all have to move on. And at a grown age of 28, I’m getting my very own car. Check it out! My very own LESBARU!!

Shoot, I never thought I’d get a Subaru. I never thought I’d buy a WHITE car (or as NOM would say, a ghost whip). And I sure as hell never thought I’d ever actually DRIVE my own car (seriously, that’s what taxis and drivers are for). But you know what? I’m looking forward to this. To jaunts to the Chinese grocery, to Vietnamese food in the suburbs, to the mountains for a snowboarding trip in the winter, to Kansas City to see my cousin and eat shit-tons of barbeque. My family is awesome, I’m going to do them proud.

P.S. Her name is Marshmellow. And Blueberry’s her best friend.


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