Pickled Green Beans

3 Aug

Every summer, during green bean season, I like to make a big batch of pickled green beans. These aren’t the canning kind with a water bath process and meticulous measurements, just a quick pick to keep in the refrigerator. They are great for dressing up impromptu Sunday morning bloody marys, diced to throw into an Italian tuna & smashed cannellini salad (new post idea!), or alongside a crudite platter. I like using french beans because their curlicue tails look so delicate and classy!

As you can tell, my recipes aren’t exact. Ratios of key ingredients are important, but I really want flavors to stand out. In this recipe, it’s (kinda, sorta) important to have (about) 3 tablespoons salt for each cup of liquid. I like a sour pickle (rather than salty and/or sweet) so I’ve cut back on the salt and completely omitted sugar. As for flavors, add to taste! I like using hot pepper flakes (if I don’t have a chili pepper on hand), black peppercorns, dill seeds, bay leaves, mustard seeds, and coriander. Since this is a pretty straightforward dill pickle, I’m just using garlic, a chili pepper, and dill.

a bunch of green beans
three garlic cloves, smashed
one hot pepper, sliced
a bunch of dill
1.5 cups water
1.5 cups white vinegar
two tablespoons salt

Blanch green beans, then set immediately in an ice bath. Transfer them into your pickle jar. Intersperse your flavoring agents (dill, garlic, hot pepper) with the beans in your jar. On the stove, bring the water, vinegar, and salt to a boil. Pour over the beans into the pickle jar. Refrigerate immediately. Resist the temptation to taste them every few hours. Let sit at least 24 hours for max flavor. Keeps up to six months.

Protip: Store bought bloody mary mix is waaaay tooooo sweet. (Why is there HFCS in my salty tomato beverage??) In a pinch, add a splash or two of this pickle juice to tart things up. Then garnish said salty adult morning beverage with above pickled green beans for classy daylight boozing times. YES.


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