Queen City Day Trip!

17 Aug

In the name of getting some driving practice in, B and I took a quick foodie trip to Cincinnati on Saturday. We bypassed the fine dining and drinking establishments like Boca, Tonic on Fourth, and Local 127 in favor of a rapid fire itinerary. We planned on a quick tour round Findlay Market and Jungle Jim’s, maybe a quick trip to Mt. Adams for the views, and made an exception for Terry’s Turf Club. We didn’t make it to Mount Adams since *someone* was a little enamored with the meat selection at Eckerlin and Krause’s (ahem, yours truly). But we did manage to squeeze in forty-five minutes of quality Jungle Jim’s shopping. As for Terry’s Turf Club? It was good, much better than Thurman’s, but the wait is just as prohibitive. I’m remaining true to a Rossi burger and Five Guys in a pinch.

Jungle Jim’s Haul:
Four Kinder Bueno (two regular, two white)
Seven Kinder Snack bars
One pack of Kinder Duplo bars
One pack of Bob’s Red Mill wheat berries

Findlay Market Haul:
Eckerlin’s Homemade Goetta
Eckerlin’s Homemade Breakfast Sausages
Eckerlin’s Garlic Franks
Weisswurst from Krause’s
Smooth Liverwurst from Krause’s
heirloom tomatoes from the farmers’ market
round of seeded bread from Skirtz & Johnston
danish with apricot jam and goetta also from Skirtz & Johnston
We also shared a beer in the biergarten which proceeded to give me the worst allergic reaction I’ve had in a loooong time.


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