Cardamom Catawba Peaches

19 Aug

I’ve been fairly vocal about how expensive the local peaches are here in Columbus. At the farmers’ markets around town, I’ve seen quart baskets for a whole five dollars. O_o Luckily, B is from peach stock. Actually, he’s from Catawba Island (perhaps most well known for a ferry line to Put-In Bay) which is home to golf courses and peach orchards. Last time we were up there, B’s mom had a half peck waiting for us. In one sitting, we went through a good three quarters of the peck. So sweet! So juicy! So summery! Of course we brought almost a whole peck back to Columbus with us.

Cardamon Catawba Peaches
Six ripe peaches
One lime
Quarter teaspoon vanilla extract
Quarter teaspoon ground cardamom
One tablespoon granulated sugar

Cut peaches in half, along the crack, remove stone, and cut into one inch pieces. When all the peaches are cut, mix in the remaining ingredients. Let sit overnight in the fridge to let flavors develop. We put this over yogurt and topped with granola for a tasty breakfast. I imagine it will also be very good over a quality vanilla ice cream.


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