Out and About: Highlands Nature Sanctuary

24 Aug

B and I just got back from a overnight trip to a nature preserve, Arc of Appalachia Preserve System’s Highlands Nature Sanctuary. Our friend Mandy has been living down here (about a ninety minute drive, southwest of Columbus) since the winter and has been encouraging us to come down to visit. We weren’t able to spend very long down at the Sanctuary, but we fit in a short hike through the gorge (and caves), played with the assorted animals on the farm, collected farm fresh eggs (I held a just-hatched, warm, egg!), and spent the night in a room perched atop the gorge. B’s commentary to my photos in italics.

On our trip to the Sanctuary, we passed through the southern Ohio town of Bainbridge, home of the first U.S. dental school, which raised questions about the history of oral hygiene. The drive was beautiful with rolling farmfields and numerous moo cow sitings.

Our bedroom with 270-degree windows was like sleeping in a treehouse. At the Sanctuary Farm, I renamed, Sepo, the farm dog, “Serpico.” Serpico approved.

The Sanctuary’s limestone valley walls were covered with clinging plants found no place else in Ohio. Mandy showed us a hemlock tree estimated at more than 1,00 years old.

For dinner, we cooked hotdogs and smores over a fire beneath the full moon. About 9 chickens slept in the tree branches above our heads. I fed Serpico hot dog ends. Serpico chased my car when we left the farm.

Serpico and B are buddies.


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