29 Aug

Oh my little fledgling bloggy.

I regret having to taper off my posting after so much excitement you’ve brought me recently; not to mention, the perfect excuse to order another course (!!) or to take an eating centered day trip. Unequivocally: I am not abandoning you. I’m traveling to Shanghai for a couple weeks and there will be MANY eating and drinking opportunities to document. However, I’m not entirely sure what internet connection availability I will have. I didn’t bring my own personal machine so I’ll have to rely on an outdated PC and probably very limited DSL. That said, I am SO EXCITED to share with you all the deliciousness that will occur! I’ve got soup dumplings up the wazoo, grilled pigeons to pick over, and savoury soy milk to slurp for breakfast. Photos galore!

In the meantime, I took Asiana Airlines from Chicago’s O’Hare to Incheon Seoul for a five hour layover (where I’m sitting now, updating). I left ORD’s international Terminal 5 (servicing Royal Jordan, Etihad, Aero Mexico, Asiana and other airlines) at 1am and the only available edibles was McD’s. Not so great from a foodie perspective, but it made for AWESOME people watching. The Arab Muslims, Eastern European Muslims, East Asians, West Europeans, were all chowing down on some Big Macs and fries. Great scene. 

I was personally holding out for what was promised to be the best economy class airplane food in East Asia. There was indeed bibimbap for dinner. And it came in a CERAMIC bowl, absolutely unheard of! AND there was REAL silverware!! Certainly delicious for in-flight. Pics forthcoming!

Forgive me for cutting this short, Incheon’s duty free stores beckon. Toodles!


3 Responses to “Travelling!”

  1. jloh August 31, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    omg…so excited about my bimbimbap!!!

    see you in a week, but you probably won’t get this.

  2. Words and Steel September 13, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

    Yes, Asiana Air’s bibimbap was delicious! And isn’t Incheon a great airport?

    Gah, I need to go with you next time you venture to Shanghai. Food, parties, great architecture.. I want!

    • vivshmack September 15, 2010 at 10:33 am #

      It’s ridiculous how much there is to eat!! 10 days wasn’t nearly enough. I had one of my best meals at Xiao Nan Guo (that Shanghainese place you went to in HK) too!

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