Indulge Me For a Minute

17 Aug

Ever since I went to boarding school, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with doing my nails. Mostly because I no longer had to practice the piano for an hour daily, and because any piano teacher will make you cut your beautifully maintained nails at the keys with the clippers she keeps on hand just for nail brats like me.

I got lots of practice doing my own nails in high school, had my first manicure by an Avon lady my freshman year in the Ward common room (yes, I lived in a dorm named Ward), then got a couple more my first year in New York. By the time I left New York, I was “dating” my nail lady. You really can’t beat $23 french mani/pedis or a set of $40 gels in Chinatown. Upon moving to Columbus, with a dearth of reasonably priced nail salons (where are my Asian nail techs?), after bribing my brother with a Charles Penzone pedicure that ended up being $60 plus tip, I vowed never EVER to git my nails done in this town.

So I started doing them myself. LOL SMILEY FACE!! They make me SO HAPPY!! This is what I do with my nails when I don’t have to bartend!!

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten a bunch of shitty remarks from reasonably open minded people recently. Shit like: “Your nails make you look like a black girl,” “Not to be racist, but that’s ghetto,” or “Only black people get their nails done like that.” Ahem. Don’t be ignorant. Yes, you may notice stylish black ladies with fabulous nails, but it does not equate ghetto. This shit takes a lot of time and if you get them done at a salon on a weekly basis, easily a $200 per month habit. Not to mention that Japanese and Korean girls have been rocking the nail art for DECADES. There are entire magazines dedicated to nails, see Nail Venus. So, the next time you see my nails, tell me how rockin’ they are, or keep your ugliness to yourself. ELL-OH-ELL SMILEY FACE!!


3 Responses to “Indulge Me For a Minute”

  1. Jeff August 21, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    wait…what? that pedicure was $60???

    shit…i feel bad now…

  2. Dustin August 31, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

  3. lola January 28, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    you are SO funny. i really enjoy reading these entries, Viv!

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